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The journey begins with a first step. Take that step in making things less difficult for the ones you leave behind.


No one wants to think about their own passing. But we do want to think about taking care of the loved ones we leave behind and how to ease the burden on them during this difficult time. That’s why we created these free tools. With so many decisions to be made, it can be a tremendous comfort to your heirs to have many of these decisions already made and important contacts and documents readily available. It’s a daunting task but you don’t have to do it all at once. We will provide the tools and information, free of charge, so you can go on living, knowing you’re prepared.


Create a Memorial

Everyone wants to be remembered. Make a Memorial for a loved one or even a celebrity–anyone you would like to honor with a Memorial. Write a eulogy or a bio, upload pictures and share information about the person you would like to Memorialize. You can have multiple Memorials under one account.


Upload Documents

Keep all of your documents in a safe, secure place where loved ones can easily locate them when needed. From serious documents like wills and life insurance policies to smaller bits that will help ease the burden on your family, they all can be uploaded to your Document Vault.


Send Messages

Don’t leave anything left unsaid. Using Messages, you can convey your thoughts and feelings through written word or, if you prefer, through the sound of your voice with audio Messages and even record a video to be scheduled and delivered at the time of your choosing.


Share Wishes/Instructions

Some things are important to you but maybe not belong in a will or other legal documents. Through Wishes & Instructions, you can let these things be known to the people who are best suited to carry them out. Much like Messages, they can be scheduled and delivered at the time of your choosing.


List Contacts

Keep all of your important contacts in one, secure place. It’s convenient for you and vital to your heirs and caregivers should a crisis arrive. Recipients of your Wishes and Messages are chosen from your Contacts as well as your Agents.


Assign Agents

Choosing your Agents is perhaps the most important part. Everything you’ve done in your account is set in motion by your Agent. In addition to confirming your passing, which will trigger scheduled Messages and Wishes, they will be able to access and reference your Documents and update and publish your memorial.

Being prepared isn’t always easy, but it eases the burden on loved ones and ensures that your plans and wishes are carried out. There is no charge to get started today.