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The concept is simple–infuse art with the cremation ashes of the dearly departed. The execution is not as simple, but it is reverent, lasting and beautiful.

Spirit Pieces was founded by David Blake after the untimely death of his grandmother. During the process of dealing with today’s end-of-life community, Blake was struck by the blandness of it all and felt that other cultures have much richer traditions of celebrating and memorializing passed loved ones. He decided to do something about it.


Spirit Pieces was born as a way to provide beautiful memorial art to families who’ve lost a loved one. Blake gathered a small group of glass artisans from across the country to handmake one-of-a-kind ash infused glass art as well as commissioning well-known artisans to create special keepsake urns, jewelry and vials.

The infused glass art is Spirit Pieces heart and soul. Orbs, eggs and eternal flame pieces are solid glass keepsake urns with the cremation ash added into the glass as part of the design; keeping them safe for generations. The orbs can be ordered with hooks for hanging in the garden or a window or as a free-standing ‘paperweight’ like the egg and eternal flame-shaped pieces. For the free-standing art, they also sell a stand that lights the glass from underneath and revolves to show 360 degrees of the memorial art.


There are a myriad of sizes, colors, and designs to choose from for each type of infused glass. There are also different infused glass sculptures, including a flower, heart, cat, fish and even sports memorials for the life-long sports fans. There are also smaller infused glass jewelry pendants for those who want to literally keep their loved ones closer to their heart.


In addition to the infused glass, Spirit Pieces offers memorial art in many forms. In the jewelry department, there are various designs of silver and wood keepsake vial pendants. Glass bird and hummingbird sculptures adorned with keepsake vials make a great gift for friends or family who have lost a loved one. For the unconventional, there are fairy statuettes and even a glass steam punk airship and hot air balloon with keepsake pendants for ashes. For the more conventional-minded, they offer handmade ceramic urns with sculptural lids.


In 2008, Blake conceived the ‘Final Vacation’ as an ash scattering service where ashes from loved-ones could be scattered in inspiring locations the deceased would have loved. That original idea evolved into the Forever Vacation Project. The idea is to have a bunch of small ash infused glass touchstones given to friends and family who travel. They can then leave in places around the world as a great way for a group of people to celebrate the life and memory of the dearly departed.

For complete product and ordering information, visit spiritpieces.com.

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