How To Honor Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

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Originally posted on My Wedding Reception Ideas Blog on March 9, 2010 By Carrie

There are few things in your life that are as important to you as your wedding day.  Not having a loved one there to share it with can be a difficult experience. But just because they are no longer with us does not mean that they don’t need to be included in your special day. After all they will always be alive in your heart.  Here are a few ways to honor the special people in your life that have passed on and cannot be a part of your wedding celebration.

Using a memorial candle during the wedding ceremony is one of the most popular ways for the wedding couple to honor the loved ones that they have lost. Most memorial candles or candle holders can be personalized to add a name of several names. During the ceremony you can have the minister or officiant add a moment when you recognize those that cannot be present with the lighting of the candle. Another way to use the candle would be during the reception. Have the candle placed on a special memorial table where you can include a photo or several photos of the lost loved ones you are honoring.

One of my personal favorites is to make a donation in honor of your lost loved ones in lieu of favors. For my daughter’s wedding we made a donation to the American Cancer Society due to the family members we had lost to cancer. We had cards placed on each table to explain this memorial to each of our guests. This is a wonderful way to honor people you have lost and to also help a charity that is close to your heart.

Another popular way to honor your loved ones is to include an ‘In Memory’ section in your wedding programs. This idea also allows you to give a little more detail to your guests, such as adding ‘mother of the bride’ and so on. You may also want to add a prayer or moment of silence to the wedding ceremony and include this in the wedding program so that your family and friends will be included in your special wedding memorial.

Take your loved ones with you on your wedding day with a memento or photo. Add a photo of someone to your wedding bouquet using a bouquet photo buckle memory charm.  Many brides choose to carry a lost loved ones handkerchief or wear a piece of their jewelry to keep them close to them for the entire day. This can work for the groom as well if he has a special memento that he can carry in his pocket.

No matter how you decide to honor your lost loved ones during your wedding ceremony, the most important thing to remember is that there is no wrong way to honor someone you love. Create a special memorial in the way you feel will honor your loved ones that have passed the best. Good Luck!

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