Custom Application and Software Development

We here at Memorial Software we are so good a creating B2C Apps that we have been asked many times now to help businesses create software that solves end user problems.  We have a robust capability to design and develop flexible yet simple custom enterprise web applications by integrating our global experience, design capabilities and technical knowledge to address your most complex business requirements. We eat, breathe and sleep tailor-made software technology solutions that reduce operational costs and drive stronger engagement with your consumers, so you can:

  • Sharpen your competitive edge and increase your profitability by delivering digital experiences that are meaningful and compelling to your customer and employee end users
  • Drive your strategic roadmap farther, faster by using our expert development team, while allowing your internal resources to stay focused on other internal priorities
  • Improve internal workflows to alleviate friction and inefficiencies so your employees can concentrate on more critical activities

Our Process:


The first step in our process is defining a solid and scalable strategy. We have developed a proprietary process that involves working with our customers to validate the audience and key business drivers, while defining the success metrics.

  • Our process includes:
  • Solution goals
  • Success statement
  • Definition of goals and metrics
  • Statement of capabilities
  • User stories
  • Initial UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) design

Software Development

Software development is the execution and realization of the strategy. Our philosophy is to completely understand the end goal, develop quickly, seek iterative feedback, tweak as required and drive to a comprehensive and effective solution your users can’t wait to use. By building the solution architecture, integrating with key external applications and developing a compelling front-end UI we can deliver powerful results based on our three core principles:

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Compelling
  3. Flexible

Mobile Apps

We built our company on our ability to create the most compelling mobile end-user experiences. We have some of the best mobile designers, architects and developers working on our projects every day. We develop custom, native and hybrid apps that resolve specific end user and business challenges. Whether you are an airline striving to maximize employee productivity in a strenuous security environment of you are a hospital trying to make your patients experience more engaging under strict HIPAA constraints we can develop your end to end solution.

Web Development

Users want to access their data and applications across all device types including websites on their computers.  Our typical solution includes building complex sites that are rich in content, workflows, integrations and part of a bigger solution strategy yet are still completely tied together with the user experience and goals of the mobile apps.

Cloud Managed Services and Cloud Hosting

The Cloud offers key advantages such as business agility, lower capital expense, flexibility, security and nearly infinite scalability. We can help ensure that these advantages are completely leveraged in our development projects.  We have vast experience with both custom enterprise hosted environments as well as leveraging the industry’s leading cloud platforms to ensure fast, reliable experiences for every client.

Maintenance and Support

Once we get the satisfaction of finally launching your app that is only the beginning for us.  We are dedicated to supporting you for the long-term and this success requires an iterative, ongoing process to collect and apply data and feedback from users, keep up to date with evolving technology trends and implement suitable changes as your business grows. We take this cycle of constant improvement very seriously.  We offer our customers a lifetime commitment to the quality of our work.

Contact Us

You can contact us for a free project proposal anytime by emailing us at or calling us at 1-866-878-7575.