About Us


In our B2C group we create compelling mobile apps and web solution that solve real-world problems for all users such as www.memorializeme.com MemorializeMe was created because we have all been touched by the passing of someone we care about deeply. These experiences have highlighted how difficult and painful this can be for those left to mourn and grieve. It is our aim to help our users better prepare themselves and their loved ones for their inevitable passing. MemorializeMe provides a wealth of in-depth, timely, and relevant death care-related information to our user community. We also provide applications, tools and reference materials to those in need of death care related services. We provide both original content as well as content from well-known content providers. We pride ourselves in knowing our readers needs and strive to make information gathering easier at a time that is often stressful and difficult.


Our B2B group takes the compelling end user solution and mobile app development capabilities that we posses and utilizes it to help companies create compelling mobile solutions for their user communities. To learn more about our Custom Application and Software Development capabilities click here.