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Preparation gives you peace-of-mind and eases the burden on loved ones. We provide the free tools and information to help you prepare.


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Prepare Your Heirs

Being prepared isn’t always easy, but it eases the burden on loved ones and ensures that your plans and wishes are carried out.

Upload Documents

Keep all of your documents in a safe, secure place where loved ones can easily locate them when needed.

Schedule Messages

Schedule text, audio or video messages and instructions to be sent out at the time you specify.

Create Memorials

Remember the ones you care about and allow people to share their thoughts and condolences.

No one wants to think about their own passing. We provide the tools and information, free of charge, so you can go on living, knowing you’re prepared.

  • List Contacts

    Recipients of your Wishes and Messages are chosen from your Contacts as well as your Agents.

  • Document Vault

    Secure vault for having all of your important documents listed and accessible.

  • Memorials

    Remember the ones you care about and allow people to share their condolences.

  • Messages

    Compose and schedule important messages in the form of text, audio and video.

  • Wishes/Instructions

    Express any last wishes that might not be covered in a Will to individuals or a group.

  • Resources

    Information and articles to help you stay informed and prepared.

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