10 Key Benefits to Pre-Planning Your Funeral

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This article was originally published on eZineArticles.com by Christopher P. Hill

1. Upon your passing, the truth is that most people don’t have any idea how to get started, what they should know, or who they can turn to. Pre-planning your funeral or burial arrangements can significantly minimize the many stresses and pressures that accompany the grieving process of losing a close loved one.

2. This advanced planning offers you the opportunity to decide and control just about every detail, and even nearly every aspects of your memorial service… even the funeral music.

3. By documenting your last wishes, you can ensure that you and your remains are handled, treated, and placed in an area that is in accordance with your personal preferences.

4. By creating a plan for your final affairs, this can also minimize or eliminate any uncertainties or disputes among your family members. One of the biggest reasons that family members argue or fight after a loved one has passed is due to disagreements regarding family heirlooms.

5. Pre-planning takes the guesswork out of the common questions of “what do we do next” or “what would you have wanted”? A properly structured end of life plan can not only ensure that your loved ones know what to do, but can also make sure your bequests are efficiently implemented.

6. Through building a sound end of life plan, one of the biggest advantages is that this reduces (or eliminates) the need for your family to make some very difficult financial and emotional decisions, especially given their state of mind at that time.

7. Through pre-planning your funeral plans, as well as pre-paying these final expenses, these plans and e this allows you, your family, and even your Funeral Director to have a much better overall experience and memorial service.

8. By reducing many of the obvious family pressures, this provides some extra time for them to work through some of the other struggles such as dealing with the grief and loss, planning your memorial service, notifying your loved ones, creating your obituary, writing a eulogy, and creating the best possible way to celebrate and memorialize your life.

9. After completing your pre-planning process for your family, this actually ends up enhancing your future too. By having these details planned out in advance, you can live every day with the “peace of
mind” knowing that someday they will receive one of the greatest gifts of love possible.

10. By selflessly taking the time to create your smart end-of-life plan, this basically ensures that you will always be remembered in a special way. Your family and loved ones will never forget the fact that you sacrificed your time and resources to take care of these all-important details. In turn, what you are really doing is leave behind an everlasting memory that shows your family and loved ones just how much you truly love and care about them.

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  1. Annie Frances

    My parents want to do some pre-planning now for their future funeral. It is hard for me to hear them talk about dying, but I know I’ll appreciate it later. If they pre-plan their funerals correctly, I won’t have to ask what to do. Great post!

  2. Rockford Johnson

    I never would have guessed that pre-planning my funeral could be so beneficial. I really like how you explained that ” advanced planning offers you the opportunity to decide and control just about every detail, and even nearly every aspects of your memorial service… even the funeral music.” My grandma planned her funeral before she passed away and it really helped to make mourning her passing a lot easier on the family.

  3. Lillian Schaeffer

    This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that pre-planning your funeral means reducing the need for your family to make hard decisions. Grieving is a difficult thing, and I want to make that process as easy on my family as possible. While I’ll likely be around for a while yet, I’ll definitely look into pre-planning my memorial services so my loved ones don’t have to deal with the logistics of a funeral while they’re grieving. Thanks for the great post!

  4. Lillian Schaeffer

    I like how you mentioned that pre-planning your funeral relieves pressures that will allow your family extra time to work through grief. My wife and I have been thinking about the future, and we’ve decided it would be good to get things together so everything is in order if we were to die. Perhaps it would be a good idea to pre-plan our funerals as well so that burden is lifted off our loved ones as well.

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